Black Friday Sale 2017: 19% Increase in Orders vs. Control with Addition of Timers on Home Page and Item Page

Black Friday 2017 – One of the biggest shopping days of the year for retailers, if not the biggest. The Christmas shopping madness is upon us. My how time flies. Get your credit cards ready.

We started with the Black Friday Sale campaign, wherein we ran a variation with a notification bar countdown timer. The control variation was with no countdown timer. This women’s clothing internet retailer already gets an insane amount of traffic, so we are able to run our test fairly quickly.

With optimization we need to make sure the Variation outperforms the Control with enough statistical confidence in order to ensure we don’t receive a false positive.

In the first image below (Exhibit A), the addition of the countdown timer is above the fold and on the top of the page. The timer clearly states how much time remains before the sale is over, down the exact second.

Furthermore on the product page (see Exhibit B – the Lace V-Neck Maxi Dress picture below) – the timer is displayed on the product page right after the coupon code. This reminds the visitor again that this is a limited time sale.

RESULTS of Countdown Timer Campaign

Here are the results of day 1, the variation was outperforming the control by 19% with 98% confidence. See the testing tool (our preferred A/B testing tool ) screen shot below (Exhibit C):

Exhibit C Results Show 19% Improvement Over Control

Google Analytics shows a corresponding 20.46% uplift and $1869 more in sales over the time period studied. The overall conversion rates are shown below in exhibit D. The Variation conversion rate increased from 3.59% vs. 2.98% over the Control. Pages per session, Avg. Session Duration and Bounce Rate also improved for this limited campaign. That is the cherry on the top!

Exhibit D - Google Analytics confirms the overall uplift of the campaign

Since the sale ends in a rather short period of time, we have pushed 100% traffic to the variation so the site owner can make the maximum number of sales.