Jabra CRO Case Study

Jabra has an online store and is a trusted and well-renowned name in the industry of speakers and headphones. Until now, they majorly focused on office equipment, however they want to expand their horizon in the field of personal headphones and headsets. They have a line of new products for personal and office use.


In Google Analytics we noticed that a lot of users reach the Product page, but for some reason most of them dropped-off and did not buy the product here…

Later, in a survey on the product pages, we asked visitors to the website about the things that mattered the most to them while buying earphones. Most of them replied “Whether they will fit me?” or “I am not sure if they are comfortable”.

CRO for a earphone product from Jabra

We introduced a new copy on the main banner, and added a new section with image showing user reviews about the guarantee of comfortable fit of the earphones, which helped in reducing user’s anxiety and increase sales by 76.92%

Lesson Learned: By highlighting the feature of the earphone that potential buyers wanted to see, the changes resulted in an uplift of sales by 76.92% to be exact. Buying a product online, then having to wait to have it shipped, then to find out that the product in uncomfortable or does not even fit, was creating quite a bit of friction and order anxiety. Here’s a look at the before and after examples of the product pages below:

Before (Left Photo) And After Conversion Optimization

Another section of page added to increase assurances for fit…

As Charlie Sheen says "Winning!"

Control Version: 25 orders over the test period; Conversion Rate = 2.47%

Variant: 40 orders over the test period; Conversion Rate = 3.86% ——> Winner!


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