• FluidGrowers is an e-commerce and brick and mortar store that sells eco-friendly food solutions such as water garden fish tanks and mushroom farms.
  • Most of there sales are through their brick and mortar stores.
  • FluidGrowers contracted with our CRO services to grow their online sales.


  • Customers were adding products to the cart, but not completing the sale. This data was found by examining their Google Analytics.
  • The primary reason for abandonment was that the shipping charges were unclear on the checkout page. See the graphics below.

THE IDEA TO TEST Using Conversion Optimization Testing

  • A dynamic message was added on the Cart page displaying the dollar amount remaining to qualify for free shipping. This provided clear information about the total shipping charges, and as a side effect it encouraged users to purchase more items!
  • As a result of this optimization, the average sale to a customer increased by 39%!

Shopping Cart Before

Shopping Cart Optimization

Shopping Cart After

Shopping Cart Optimization After

Final Results: Average Order Value Increased from $110 to $139

Increase in visitors buying the product = 39%


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