Infidel CRO Case Study

  • Infidel Body Armor runs an e-commerce store which sells body armor and bullet proof plates for SWAT Teams, Quick Reaction Teams, Active Shooters, Preppers, and Combat
  • Before starting with optimization services provided, their primary focus was driving traffic to their website using various paid methods.

However, lowering the cost of acquisition was not a high priority.


  • The mobile site for Infidel was responsive, but the conversion rate for those shopping on a mobile device was sub-optimal.
  • One hypothesis that was formulated was that the header on the mobile display was too distracting and taking up too much screen “real estate”.

THE IDEAS TO TEST Using Mobile Optimization Testing

  • Removal of distractions
  • In order to provide clarity to the visitors, labels have been defined for different elements so that visitors know what to expect when they click on any of the links in header.

Final Results: Removing the distracting element from the header and using mobile optimization – the test resulted in increase of Conversion Rate by 56% over the control.

Conversion Optimization for Mobile - Hypothesis Successful


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