A case study in Popup Optimization

New Popup design:

Test hypothesis: Visitors subscribe to email if they are given some reward in this case a 10% discount. We attempted to test a redesign of the popup as well as the placement of the popup on the screen to maximize the number of subscribers.

Control preview:
What we are testing: The existing subscription form (Exhibit A), also known as the Control or original, is modified and 3 variations of Exhibit B have been created to see which performs the best.

Variation 1: pop up appears in the center of screen.
Variation 2: pop up appears from the top
Variation 3: pop up appears from the bottom

Test Results

All the 3 variations have turned out to be winners in terms of subscriptions.
A massive 355% increase in the number of subscribers in variation 2 (popup appeared from top)

Convert.com Testing Results

Google Analytics (GA) Data

As per sessions tracked in GA (see below), Variation 3 has yielded the maximum eCommerce conversion rate which is 40% more than control.
There was a 26% uplift in eCommerce conversion rate in Variation 2 as well.

Summary of Popup Optimization

The popup optimization test ran from 07th Nov 2017 – 14th Nov 2017

Variation 2 yielded the maximum subscribers whereas variation 3 yielded the most number of transactions. The main goal of running this test was to increase the number of subscribers and transactions.

Variation 2 has turned out the be a winner with a massive increase in subscribers and transactions.

Changes of the Variation 2 popup optimization were implemented on the live website as it has got maximum subscriptions and uplift in transactions as well. The site owner was pleased to say the least!